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Propa is a prop hire facility based in Barcelona and specialised in furniture and prop hire for the film and tv, photography and entertainment industries.

Created by professionals with over 25 years experience and actively working in the film and tv industries around the globe, Propa was born within the art department itself and it offers an eclectic selection of props with an ever growing collection including from furniture to seasonal props, accessories and surfaces for table top shooting.

With a range of props ready to compose distinct set designs, Propa’s aim is to offer a fast and efficient quality service to our art department comrades. Our intention is to provide support facilitating and speeding up prop sourcing process, saving precious production time.

Our showroom is opened from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and between those hours all our clients are welcome to work from our hot-desking area where you can find fast internet access, great views of the brutal Sant Adrià del Besos deactivated power station towers and hot coffee - all of this for no extra cost.

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